Our Cheese

Obviously we can't always carry everything but we do our best to ensure we have a great variety of cheese from around the world! This page will eventually have some more detailed descriptions and links, but for now we thought we would provide a list of thing things we have been carrying over time. We would love to hear from you, so if there is something you are looking for, feel free to send us an email info@themousetrap.ca and we can see if we can find it!


Tomme aux Fleurs


5 Brothers Gunn's Hill OntarioAdoray Fromagerie Montebello QuebecAppletree Smoked Cheddar Cow's Creamery PEIAvonlea Cheddar Cow's Creamery PEIBleu Bénédictin Fromagerie Abbaye de Saint-Benoît-du-Lac QuebecBothwell Smoked Gouda Bothwell ManitobaBrie Belle Marie Albert's Leap Cheese OntarioBrigid's Brie Gunn's Hill OntarioBuffalo Bliss Gunn's Hill OntarioBuffalo Mozzarella Bella Casara OntarioBurrata Bella Casara OntarioCows Creamery 2 year Cheddar Cow's Creamery PEIElgin Buffalo Hope Artisan Dairy OntarioGH - Fresh Cheese Curds Gunn's Hill OntarioGouda Wild Nettle Mountainoak OntarioGouda with Mustard Seed Mountainoak OntarioGrey Owl Fromagerie Le Détour QuebecHandeck Gunn's Hill OntarioL’Origine de Charlevoix Laterie Charlevoix QuebecMountainoak Gouda with Cumin Mountainoak OntarioMountainoak Smoked Gouda Mountainoak OntarioMuenster Bothwell ManitobaOH - Chipotle Morita Oxford Harvest OntarioOH - Tipsy (Merlot) Oxford Harvest OntarioOH - Toasted Onion Oxford Harvest OntarioOH Garlic & Chive Oxford Harvest OntarioPaillot de Chevre Fromagerie Alexis de Portneuf QuebecPied-de-Vent Fromagerie du Pied-De-Vent QuebecRaclette Fritz Fritz Kaiser QuebecRiopelle de l’Isle Fromagerie de l'Isle QuebecSilo Cheddar 6-year Silo QuebecThea Lenberg Farms OntarioTomme cidre de pomm Fritz Kaiser Quebec


BF Red Fox Smoked Belton FarmFiddler's Green Coome CastleHorseradish Cheddar Coome CastleChocolate Triple Coome CastleDbl Gloucester Coome CastleFiery Spice Cheddar Coome CastleCheddar w Caramelized Onion Coome CastleCroome Selection Pack Coome CastleGarlic Yarg LynherGodminster Cheddar - Truffle GodminsterGodminster Vintage GodminsterIL Applewood Vegan IlchesterIL Vegan Blue IlchesterIL Vegan Melting Cheddar IlchesterIL Vegan Mexicana IlchesterRed Leicester Clawson Thomas Hoe StevensonStilton Colston Bassset Colston Bassett DairyVintage - Red Fox Aged Leicester VintageWensleydale Pear & Apple Coome CastleWensleydale w Blueberries Coome Castle


Belle Saison Isigny Ste-MèreBrebirousse Fromagerie GuilloteauBrie Au Truffles Brie de Meaux RouzaireBrie de Meaux AOP Fromagerie Les CourtenayBrugge Comtesse BruggeBuchette aux Petales de roses Camembert Le Medaillon Isigny Ste-MèreCantal Entre-Deux AOP Coopérative des Monts du CantalChateau de Bourgogne Dependances du ManoirCompte AOP Arnaud Rerserve Crottin Germain RiansDélice de Bourgogne LincetFourme d'Ambert AOP Légende Laiterie de la MontagneLangres AOP GermainMimolette Isigny -18 months Coopérative Isigny Ste-MèreOssau-Iraty AOP Fermier Fermiers Basco-BéarnaisRaclette Cognac Union Laitière de la Venise VerteRaclette de Savoie IGP Haute Montagne Fruitière d'ArbusignyRoquefort AOP Carles St-Marcellin IGP EurialSt. Agur Savencia Fromage & DairyTomme de Savoie IGP


OM White Stilton with Mango and Ginger Oak ManorPort Wine Derby Oak ManorPorter Cheddar CahillWensleydale with Cranberry Oak ManorWhite Stilton with Apricot Oak Manor


Asiago d'Allevo Stagionato d'Allevo StagionatoGorgonzola Picante DOP Parmigiano Reggiano DOP GennariParmigiano Reggiano DOP Valserena


Beemster Classic BeemsterCL Tuffle Noire CheeselandPicobello Westland BrosKaamps Classic KaampsKaamps Oranginal KaampsKroon - Goat Cheese Gouda KroonKroon - Gouda with Cumin KroonUtrecht Premium Rouveen kaasUtrecht Rose-Tomate Rouveen kaasUtrecht Vert-Olive Rouveen kaas


Brebis au romarin La Queseria ArtisanaLQA Manchego La Queseria ArtisanaManchego – 6 Month Vega SotuelamosOveja Con Ajo Negro (Black Garlic) Vega SotuelamosOveja Rosemary La Queseria ArtisanaOveja Trufa La Queseria La Queseria Artisana


Appenzeller Classique SnowmanEmmentaler Swiss SnowmanGruyère AOP 1655 Gruyère SASwiss Gruyere EmmiTête de Moine


BellaVitano Balsamic SartoriBellaVitano Espresso SartoriBellaVitano Merlot SartoriBellaVitano Whiskey Sartori